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Tips for Buying Quality Awnings

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Outdoor awnings are useful and are great additions to the exterior design of an establishment. With endless of options to choose from, finding a good quality can be tough.

Here are tips to buy top-notch quality awnings:

Consider where to mount it

This product can be placed virtually anywhere, but just be sure that it can provide shading and privacy to the homeowner.

If you’ll install the product outdoors, consider something made in steel or aluminium, as these are corrosion-free. Intense weather conditions cannot easily damage the material, helping you save money on repairs and possible replacement.

Know the types

There are several types of awning. Vinyl, steel, and fibreglass are some of the widely-used materials. These not only differs in texture and colour, but in their purposes as well.

  • Synthetic Fabric

Synthetics are probably the most frequently used product by homeowners. Since it’s locally-made, it isn’t difficult to find, unlike steel or fibreglass.

Its best aesthetic feature is that it could be produced in nearly every colour there is in the colour palette. Usually these are embellished with striped designs commonly used in cafes, restaurants and other business establishments to draw attention. This type is the easiest to clean and maintain.

  • Metal

Metal awnings are water, rust and fire proof. Compared to synthetic fabric, steel is much more durable. This type is commonly used in residential homes and installed over patios, driveways and gardens to protect any furniture that it covers.

The cooling property of metal helps in regulating heated temperatures. It’s beneficial in airing out the home and keeping the outdoor area cool during hot days. It needs to be cleaned on a regular basis for it to retain its smooth and rust-free quality.

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Author: Carrie Sze