Chimney Inspection And Chimney Sweeping: What Every Homeowner Should Know

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If you are thinking of getting chimney inspections it is important to know the differences in the approach. Inspection and sweeping are two words that are thrown around without being given the proper context sometimes which lead to many homeowners being confused as to what their purpose is.

Below are some of the things that you should know as a homeowner.

When to get the chimney checked?

When was the last time that you had your chimney checked? If it’s been too long that you can’t remember it, then you have to get it checked immediately. It is a good practice to have it checked right after the heating season. Do this every year if you want to avoid any complications that could be prevented easily.

But the exterior looks good

Many homeowners tend to skip out on chimney inspections due to the simple fact that the exterior of the chimney does not exhibit any visible faults. This isn’t a good approach to have especially if the chimney was built well. The exterior of the chimney will be the last component of it to show any signs of faults.

If you can see that there are cracks and holes from the outside, then you should get it inspected as soon as possible. This is the case especially if it is visibly leaning towards a certain angle instead of going straight upwards. Leaving your chimney is such condition can pose great dangers to you and your family.

What’s the point of chimney inspection and sweeping?

The very first thing that you should worry about when it comes to an unmaintained chimney is the ever-increasing levels of fire hazard brought by it. There will be a buildup of combustible materials inside the chimney which can catch fire if the specific conditions are met. You are greatly reducing the risk of having it catch fire or even explode with chimney inspections.

What’s the difference between an inspection and sweep?

With chimney inspections, you will be tasking the company to just look over your chimney and possibly provide you with basic cleaning from easily reachable areas. They will give you a rundown of what needs to be done and when. Sure, it is okay to sweep the chimney often, but it is not ideal.

Sweeping a chimney is done when the amount of materials inside of it reaches a critical level. Depending on the amount of creosote left from burning wood, you are looking at different types of equipment being used. Video footage of your chimney will be recorded to give you an idea of how much buildup there is.

When you get chimney inspections, you will be able to read a full written report upon request. The report will address the condition of your chimney and if there are any replacements to be made. If you are told that you need to make repairs or replacements, do not prolong the wait so you can avoid any risks involved from doing so.

If you are in need of chimney inspections, contact JCS Home Services today. Let us help you keep that chimney in good condition to avoid any unfortunate incidents that may cause damage to your home.