Dryer Repair: What to Do When a Dryer Is Not Producing Heat

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For an appliance to be called a dryer it must be capable of carrying out some form of drying; Heat is necessary for this process. Hence one of the biggest challenges one can face with a dryer is the inability of the dryer to produce heat since the heat is what actually dries the clothes. What most people do not know is that dryer repair is not a very difficult task to carry out even as a rookie.

There are 3 basic dryer machine parts one can have a look at while trying to fix a dryer that has stopped producing heat.

  • The heating element
  • The high-limit thermostat
  • The radiant flame sensor

The Heating Element

In electric dryers, the heating element generates the required heat; hence, the heating element is obviously the first place to check out when the dryer is not heating up. This heating element consists of a coil of heating wire which is enclosed in a metal chamber. Depending on the model of the dryer as well as the brand, the heating element is located at the front or rear panel and its cool is heated up whenever there is a flow of electricity through it. A multimeter is very useful in checking whether or not the heating element is faulty; with a multi-meter, we can check for continuity and if found to be faulty, such a heating element must be replaced.

High-Limit Thermostat

Another part to focus on when the dryer fails to produce heat is the high-limit thermostat. It is actually a safety device which is designed to ensure that the dryer does not overheat when the exhaust vent is restricted. It is attached to the heating chamber. Once the exhaust vent is restricted, the high-limit thermostat is activated and it interrupts the circuit to the gas valve or the heating element. To check this part of the dryer, the power source must be disconnected and then with the aid of a multi-meter, continuity can be checked for. Where there is no continuity, the high-limit thermostat must be replaced. The vent system must also be put in working condition.

The Radiant Flame Sensor

The radiant flame sensor is part of a gas dryer’s burner assembly and it is designed to sense heat either from the burner flame in gas dryers or from the igniter. It is located right next to the igniter with its main function being to detect heat from the igniter or the burner flame thus leading to the opening of the gas valve. When a faulty radiant flame sensor is the case, either the igniter will not glow or the gas valve will remain closed. Where the igniter does not glow, a multi-meter is again useful to check for continuity. However, when the gas valve does not open despite the igniter glowing continuously, the defect may be as a result of faulty electrical connections within the sensor. If this is the case, the sensor needs to be replaced.

When seeking a dryer repair professional a company that offers same day or next day repair service and one with many years of experience should be looked out for.