How to Keep Your Grow Tent Safe

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If you grow hydroponically using a grow tent it is important that you keep it clean and tidy all times, and luckily for you today we are here to provide you with some great tips to allow you to achieve this easily! If you are the owner of a grow tent or perhaps multiple grow tents, keep on reading at your peril…

Keeping your grow ten clean and tidy is important not only because it will enable you to have a sterile growing environment but also for safety reasons, with clean and tidy grow tents less likely of becoming hazardous and potentially setting on fire!

Top Tips 

Keep all loose wires out of the way

Trips and falls need to be avoided in grow tents otherwise accidents can happen including but not limited to the spilling of water, the ruining of electrics and grow equipment and the damaging of plants. Grow rooms are typically small areas and therefore have to be kept as tidy as possible so that you can navigate around them easily. You should make sure that any loose wires are kept tidy and out of the way using cable ties, duct tape, trunking or anything else that you prefer.

Check equipment for faults/damage/leaks regularly

Like all types of equipment hydroponics equipment can wear down over time and in some cases break – This is one of the only downsides of hydroponics growing but the benefits definitely make up for this. Because of this you need to regularly maintain your grow room and everything inside it, checking for any problems as often as possible. The earlier problems are detected the less damage is likely to be caused. Make sure you check every piece of equipment you are using inside you tent.

Keep electrics and water separate

This may seem obvious but you should keep electrics and water separated inside your grow tent. A good idea can be to keep any electrical items above waist height whilst keeping any water related equipment below waist height. As well as this water can be dangerous as it can cause slips, so if you ever spill any amount of water on the floor, no matter how small that amount may be, be sure to get it cleaned up right away.

These are only three ways that you can help to keep your grow tent safe too! If you would like more advice and guidance in regards to hydroponic grow tent safety do not hesitate to contact your local hydroponics supplier today who will no doubt be delighted to assist you.