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6 Events Where Portable Toilets Are A Practical Choice

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Picture this out:

You’re attending a much-awaited music festival and then suddenly, you’re prompted by your body to finally, finally answer the call of nature. It can’t be helped but to look for a comfort room. But during events like this, this safe haven is often a rarity. Expect that what you can find is the more cost-effective option for such occasions — portable toilets.

To rent a Porta Potty is a practical choice made by many event organizers. This alternative is very much appealing because of the following reasons:

Versatility and mobility:

As its name implies, portable toilets are, well, portable. They can be transported to any location.


If properly maintained, this kind of toilet can be very reliable and long-lasting.


Porta potties can range from being an eco-toilet to one that includes a built-in heating system).

Despite the abovementioned advantages, there are people who are still skeptical over the option to rent a porta potty. One of their key arguments is the probability of causing a pungent sewage smell. On the average, these toilets can hold sewage of about seven people. As long as they are regularly cleaned, cleanliness and being hygienic shouldn’t be a problem.

Events that Commonly porta potty rental for weddings

Weighing its pros and cons, it’s no surprise why many people resort to utilizing portable toilets. We’re counting down five of the most common events where these porta potties can be found.

Camping Activities

Camping is a must-do to anyone seeking outdoor adventures. It helps you escape from the stresses of city life and provides you an awesome way to connect with people and to Mother Earth. But given that you’re away from the city, one of the things you must have on our camping activity is a portable toilet. Apart from convenience, this allows you to avoid leaving human waste near your campsite.

Outdoor Concerts and Music Festivals

For the love of seeing your favorite music act live, you endure many things: often pricey tickets, long lines, hours of waiting for gates to finally open. Thanks to porta-potties, you won’t have to add on this list the need to hold your pee until after the event ends.

School Fairs

School fairs and festivals are some of the most exciting events during every academic year. Sure, school buildings have a plenty of washrooms to cater to the attendees’ bathroom needs. But since this type of event is something that takes place outside of a building, it’s more practical to place portable toilets near where the fun takes place.

Outdoor Weddings

Beach and garden weddings are popular wedding themes for many couples. While this kind of matrimonial ceremony can really be picturesque, one of the things wedding organizers shouldn’t forget is bathroom access. Some venues don’t have a restroom nearby, and this is where porta-potties come into the picture.

Family Reunions

There are families and clans who prefer to have a reunion outdoor instead of staging it inside a banquet hall. Dozens of family members and relatives flock to this event, and with the such number of expected attendees, many find it economical to rent portable toilets to serve as a convenient alternative to a washroom.

Portable toilets are necessities when you’re organizing outdoor events. We’re here to help at Smith’s Sanitary Septic Service with our rent a Porta Potty offering.