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How to Store Your Excess Possessions in Dunstable

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Are you looking somewhere to store your excess possessions in Dunstable? Then the best place to start is with self-storage.

As the name suggests, self-storage is a personal storage space that you hire to store various belongings. You load and unload all your belongings yourself, allowing you to come and go to remove or add anything you need.

Self-storage is a great way to free up space in your home or workspace. We all have excess possessions that we don’t want to throw out, but most of us could use the space they take up!

There are many great self-storage businesses in Dunstable that provide storage solutions for excess possessions, but it’s important to know how to store things properly. Do something wrong and your belongings could end up damaged, so always take the time to properly store your excess possessions when using self-storage in Dunstable – check out some storage tips below!

Organize Everything

Before you even think about hiring a self-storage unit in Dunstable you need to organize your excess possessions. This helps establish what needs to be stored, what could possibly be thrown away, and what the most valuable items are.

Gather the most valuable belongings and put them together, as these should take priority when storing and you know to handle them carefully. Nobody wants to pack up valuable possessions only to damage them because they weren’t handled properly.

Pack Boxes in the Right Way

A common mistake when packing belongings for storage is to overstuff boxes. Doing so is never recommended as it may cause a box to burst from too much weight, while it could also cause stacked boxes to become crushed or fall over.

Conversely, if you don’t fill enough of the box it may not be possible to stack them. You always want to stack your boxes to make the most of the storage space, so make sure you find the right balance!

Also, remember to pack valuables at the top, meaning they go in last to avoid getting crush by other things you put inside the box.

Wrap as Much as You Can

Wrapping items is a great way to ensure they have additional protection during storage. This applies to anything that is quite fragile, such as ornaments, glassware, china, electronics, etc. Use bubble wrap is possible or failing that an old sheet or clothes.

Use Similar Sized Boxes

If you want to store as many excess possessions as possible you need to know how to efficiently store the boxes. To achieve this, try source as many of the same sized boxes as possible, as this makes stacking much easier and more efficient.

Irregular sized containers and boxes often lead to stacks falling over or collapsing on each other, damage your valuables in the process.