Allure your guests with our exclusive range of stylish furniture

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Imagine you are a corporate honcho or a hotelier. You have a magnificent office or a towering hotel. Guess what anyone who walks into your office or hotel will see first? You’re right.

The first picture they will have of your establishment will be the reception desk. So they will form their first opinion of you depending on your reception counter. And we all know that first impressions are the most lasting impressions!

And that is why we are here for you to make sure your clients are blown away with your reception counter!

Office Furniture Desks believes that your furniture defines your taste and class. We have a wide range of furniture deals ready for you. Though we are based in Melbourne, we ship all across Australia. Not only will we find out reception desks in Melbourne and reception counters in Melbourne, but we offer deals for the best reception desks and reception counters in Australia!

We have the perfect office furniture for offices of all budgets. We boast of brands like Accent, Contempo, Merlin, Finesse, In Vogue, Rapidline, DDK, and Urban. We take it upon ourselves to give your reception counter such a dashing look that it will instantly speak of your credibility as a brand.

Being in this business for a couple of decades, we know exactly what your office needs. We will complement our options with the decor in your lobby area and offer the best deals. So give us a call, and we’ll immediately come to analyze and see what kind of furniture will suit your taste and office space best! And not on that, we have chic options for reception seating and coffee tables as well! Just visit our website and we can make your reception an eye catcher!