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Types of Estimates

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The best way to move to a new city with ease is to look for a mover. They make your task easier. They take care of the stuff in the shifting process. You pay them the money and they are all ready to get the shifting on the run. But wait! It’s not that easy. There are certain terms in the shifting process that becomes important to know. If you don’t understand those then you will be blank when they talk about it. What worst will happen is that you will be fooled and others would take advantage of you. One such term is an estimate. There are three types of estimates.

Non-binding estimates

To make an approximation of the cost, the weight of the move is estimated. A quote of a non-binding estimate is given. When this is given it means that the estimate is an approximation and are most likely to change at the time of moving depending on the insight of the belonging that has to be moved. According to the law, the mover can impose an additional 10 percent on the estimated price if the weight is found to be more than the estimated weight. This generally is not preferred because the mover may trick you to give you a price that seems very decent but later could argue over the estimations. You are simply fooled. Hence, it always is a good idea to have a deep check on the mover. There are frauds and crooks everywhere. You need to be alert.

Binding Estimate

This estimate is given after making an approximation of the weight and then giving a fixed cost of the shifting. The price what so ever will not change. Even if on the day of moving the weight goes more than the estimated one you are to pay that estimated price. If you belonging weighs less you still have to pay the estimated one.

The advantages of this binding are

  • If your weight does go more than the estimated weight then you are still supposed to pay the estimated price.
  • If you think that the mover is over-pricing you then you can take quotes of other movers too. You can then compare and then make a decision. Well, the mover has this concept in mind. Hence, they will say you a favorable rate.

Binding Not-To-Exceed Estimate

If you have booked your mover with this estimate then you have to take the most cost-effective decision in this transfer.  This is the best option among the three. In this estimate, a client has to pay what is earlier estimated even if the weight of the shipment increases. However, if the weight goes lower than the estimates you have to pay the price depending on the current weight of the shipment.


 You now understand the basic terminologies of estimation. Now you make a better decision. You book umzug zürich for convenient shifting at standard rates.